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Back in December I met with Clarice and Eric. Both are originally from Florida, but are currently living in Boston. They decided to have a very small intimate wedding in Orlando. Believe it or not, we went to four or five different locations and three cities the day of their wedding! Family decided to stay in a rental house as an alternative to a hotel. The house was rented through All Star Vacation Homes located in Kissimmee and it was spectacular! This brings up a great point to keep in mind when you are considering where you will be getting ready the day of your wedding. Things to consider: will there be natural light/a lot of windows/minimal furniture…sometimes a lot of extra stuff in the background can make a photograph look very busy and cluttered. Natural light adds such depth and a beautiful glow to photographs, especially the details (rings, bouquet, shoes, dress) and most importantly…the getting ready shots themselves!

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Clarice did a first look with her dad. Tears were running down her cheeks and she was smiling ear to ear even before he walked into the room. Immediately after, we moved to an upstairs porch to do a first look with Clarice and Eric.

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We traveled to Apopka for the ceremony which was held at the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. The ceremony itself was early afternoon so the couple opted for a bubble exit. It was totally cute.

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Once the ceremony was over, we drove to the Cypress Grove Estate House in for wedding portraits. The Cypress Grove Estate House is where Clarice and Eric had their engagement session photographs taken. They loved the location so much they decided it would be the perfect backdrop for their wedding photographs too. Flowers were from In Bloom Florist and they turned out beautifully.

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Since their wedding reception was held at Ceviche in Orlando, it wasn’t that far of a drive from Cypress Grove. Ceviche allowed us to photograph on their walkway. Anyone who has been to Church Street Station in Downtown Orlando knows the exact spot I was talking about. Since their wedding was in December, the walkway was beautifully decorated.

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