Correy and Ian – Bridal Session | Orlando Wedding Photographer

Correy and Ian were married at Leu Gardens. Unfortunately, the day of the wedding everything had to be moved inside due to the weather. After the ceremony, the weather let up and we were able to take a few portraits outside.

After posting the photographs of the wedding to their gallery, I offered to do a bridal session for Correy and Ian. If they were amenable, she could put on her dress again and Ian could get a suit (he bought a new one and looked quite handsome) and we could do some gorgeous photos throughout Leu Gardens. They agreed!

correy-and-ian-bridal-1PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-2PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-3PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-4PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-5PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-6PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-7PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-8PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-9PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-10PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-11PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-12PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-13PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-14PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-15PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-16PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-17PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-18PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-19PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-20PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-21PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-22PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-23PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-24PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-25PIN THIS IMAGEcorrey-and-ian-bridal-26PIN THIS IMAGE


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