Original vs. Enhanced vs. Retouched Images – A Visual Difference

I get a lot of questions from clients asking me what exactly they get with their disc of digital negatives. I also inform clients that all images printed through me as well as albums are beauty retouched. I thought that by showing a visual example it would give everyone a better idea of what the differences are.

1. Original image: This is the file/image straight off the memory card with no enhancements. This is also known as the RAW file. I do not under any circumstances give out RAW files to clients.

2. Enhanced image: The enhanced image is what you receive on your disc of digital negatives. It has been color corrected and in some cases I may do something to enhance the images: black and white, sepia tone, or something funky & fun. Minor blemishes are also removed.

3. Retouched images: This file has been retouched. You will receive an image like this if you purchase a print or album through me. Any image may be retouch by an additional fee. Why? It can take me 10-45 minutes to retouch one image. If I were to retouch an entire engagement disc, which typically runs 100 photos…at 30 minutes per photo…that is 50 hours of retouching! Imagine if I had to do that to a wedding which can have as many as 600 files. I would never get anything done.

Here is a visual difference between the original, enhanced, and retouched version of the same image. I hope this helps everyone!




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