What is an “Unplugged Wedding”?


More couples are opting to have an unplugged wedding. So, what exactly does that mean? Having an unplugged wedding is restricting when your guests can photograph. Guests love to take photographs at weddings with their own cameras or smart phones because they want to remember the special day. They usually never have the intention of being rude or purposely try to obstruct the photographer from getting the shot. There are many different levels of having an unplugged wedding: ceremony only, during formal photographs, reception, or the entire wedding. If you decide to go unplugged, it is very important to discuss this with your photographer and guests. You can notify guests during your announcements or create/order an adorable sign notifying them that guest photography is off limits.

During the course of a wedding, my second photographer and I will utilize natural light, but depending on the situation, we may have to incorporate artificial lighting (such as using flash). Guests make not be aware that when they use flash too, it can totally ruin certain shots. There is no way for me to fix this when I edit the photographs. Other times guests may step in front of me to get their own shot. If this happens during the first kiss, I cannot get the shot back! Sure I can recreate it, but it is never the same.

For some great visual examples of how guest photography can obstruct the wedding photographer or ruin shots, please read the blog article by photographer Corey Ann over at Loverly. You may view the article here.

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