Will & Andi – The Proposal | Orlando Engagement/Proposal Photographer


My high school friend, Will, called me a few weeks ago and left a message saying he was interested in having headshots taken. I thought it sounded a little suspicious, so when I called him back, he filled me in on the real story! I found out that he called me while he and his girlfriend were out Christmas shopping. Will was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Andi, and he wanted the whole thing photographed.

The proposal took place after Will and Andi ate dinner. They arrived at Disney’s Grand Floridian and my assistant and I (which that night was my boyfriend Brennen) tried to hide in plain view. I thought that we would be caught (we were hiding behind plants, pillars…it was very spy-esque and fun!), but Andi did not suspect a thing.

Will went up to the piano player and asked Andi to dance. Naturally, the two met while swing dancing two years ago.

After the dance, Will led Andi back to their seats and presented her an early birthday present, a champagne flute that said, “I choose her.” While Andi was busy unwrapping the gift, Will got down on one knee and proposed.

Notice the expression on the gentleman seated to the left? Priceless!

Andi did say yes…and this was a wonderful experience! Congratulations!

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